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EYOR - European Youth Orchestra in Rome

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Sections' Auditions:
- wind instruments (woods and brass)
- strings (double bass included)
- classical guitar
- percussions (timpani, snare drum, xylophone)
- rhythm (drums, electric bass, electric guitar, accordion)

Auditions will take place  SATURDAY JUNE 22 2024 

at the Auditorium of the Canossian Missionary Centre
in Via Giovanni Bessarione no. 33 in Rome (San Pietro area)



Rules | Application | Poster

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  1. Associazione Musicale e Culturale Sette Note Romane, hereinafter the “Association,” establishes the “European Youth Orchestra in Rome” - an Orchestra composed of talented young musicians up to the age of twenty-nine, residing in Italy or coming from all over the world.

  2. The “European Youth Orchestra in Rome”, hereinafter the “Orchestra,” helps to spread music and create a richer and more stimulating artistic community by promoting cultural activities, also contributing to the artistic and professional growth of young musicians by conducting concert activities inside and outside the city and promoting any other initiative suitable for the purpose. In addition, with its international dimension, the Orchestra also intends to promote the inclusion and reception of migrant or foreign musicians.

  3. The deadline to submit applications to the Orchestra is set at noon on  June 16, 2024.  Candidates must send the registration form, their personal identity document and – for minors - also that of the parent/guardian who will sign the registration form. All documentation must be sent by email to

  4. Musicians admitted to the Orchestra, who will turn twenty-nine during the annual operations, may apply to stay for a further year; the exemption may be granted at the sole discretion of the Orchestra Director and the Artistic Director.

  5. The Orchestra's annual musical programme runs from September to June each year. The repertoire includes pieces of classic and modern tradition.

  6. The Orchestra is composed of the Sections: Arches, Brasses, and Woodwinds in the number that will be established by the Director of the Orchestra, depending on the annual concert activity scheduled, and will make use of a functional rhythm to the pieces that will be performed.

  7. Each Orchestra Section will be assigned a professor who will conduct its rehearsals when not engaged in group performance under the direction of the Orchestra Director.

  8. The professors who will take care of the orchestral sections are Maestro Alfredo Santoloci (Conductor), Maestro Alessandro Verrecchia, Maestro Pierluigi Pietroniro and Maestro Ovidio Ovidi (Assistant Conductor). These Maestros have collaborated with the most important Italian and international orchestras including the Berliner Symphoniker, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the South Bank Orchestra in London, the Teatro Sao Paulo in Brazil, the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia, the Teatro dell'Opera in Rome, the Teatro San Carlo in Naples, the Orchestre della Rai, and the Orchestra Fondazione Arena in Verona.

  9. The Artistic Direction of the Orchestra is entrusted to the President of the Association M° Brenda Pretorius - Professor of Piano, Singing, Choral Singing and Vocal Coach, who – in synergy with the Director of the Orchestra - will take care of the conception and design of artistic and cultural events, of the constitution and safeguarding of the visual identity of the Orchestra, of the definition of the necessary artistic resources to be used, coordinating the work team, for the conception and planning of the programming of the events in which to involve the Orchestra.

  10. The Orchestra will rehearse by Section every Saturday afternoon for 90 minutes and in full ensemble once a month for 240 minutes. The tests will take place at the premises on the first floor of the Talenti Village in Via Dario Niccodemi n. 99 in Rome (Talenti Zone).

  11. The musicians will be admitted to the Orchestra following auditions that – for this year - will take place on Saturday, June 22, 2024, at the Auditorium of the Canossian Missionary Centre in Via Giovanni Bessarione no. 33 in Rome (San Pietro area). If deemed necessary, further auditions may be scheduled before the conclusion of the annual program.

  12. The auditions will cover all wind instruments (woods and brass), all strings including double bass, classical guitar, percussion (drums, snare drum, xylophone) and rhythmics (drums, electric bass, electric guitar, accordion). For musicians who wish to audition accompanied by their pianist, the Association will provide a grand piano for the duration of the rehearsals.

  13. The programme to be performed during the audition will be of a maximum duration of 15 minutesand must compulsorily include the “orchestral passages” indicated and pieces of the candidate’s free choice. In addition, the candidate may be required to perform some passages proposed at that moment by the Commission. The links to download the orchestra passages per instrument to be included compulsorily in the programme of each rehearsal will be published on the website

  14. The auditions will be chaired by the Conductor and the Artistic Director; the Assistant Conductor and the Heads of Section will be part of the Committee.

  15. The annual participation in the Orchestra will require the payment of a membership fee of € 40.00 (including the insurance fee) and an annual fee of € 760.00 to be paid in advance or quarterly in advance:
    • Registration Fee + September = € 80
    • October – November – December = € 240
    • January – February – March = € 240
    • April – May – June = € 240
    The first payment of €80, as a deposit for participation in the Orchestra, must be paid – upon passing the audition – by July 2024.

    The other fees will be paid by the first rehearsal of the reference two-month period.

  16. The registration and annual fees must be made by BANK TRANSFER to a Current Account in the name of the Associazione Musicale e Culturale “Sette Note Romane” - INTESA SAN PAOLO - Agenzia Piazza Paolo Ferrari, 10 - 20121 Milan - IBAN: IT70R0306909606100000125241 indicating in the reason: “Name, Surname, European Youth Orchestra in Rome, reference of the instalment to pay”.

  17. The registration fee cannot be refund; the anticipated quarterly fees can only be offset for prolonged absences for justified reasons that will be assessed by the Orchestra Director and the Artistic Director of the Orchestra.

  18. The Association reserves the right to evaluate “pro-bono” participation of extraordinarily talented musicians if circumstances so require.

  19. For the promotion of hospitality and inclusion, the Orchestra undertakes to raise funds or scholarships, to be made available to migrant musicians or second and third-generation foreign musicians residing in Italy, for the purchase of musical instruments and anything else necessary for participation in rehearsals and concerts.

  20. For the evaluation of artistic criteria and needs, essential for the applicability of the provisions of ARTICLES 18 and 19, the “Committee for Inclusion” is established, which will be composed of the Director of the Orchestra, the Artistic Director, the Assistant to the Director and the Operational Director of the Association.

  21. The Orchestra does not provide insurance coverage for instruments for which each musician is therefore held solely responsible in the event of damage or theft.

  22. The musician who assumes inappropriate behaviour during rehearsals or concerts may be expelled at the sole discretion of the Director of the Orchestra or the Section Coordinator.

  23. Musicians must strictly adhere to the schedule of rehearsals and concerts, respecting the schedules communicated and are required to keep the scores in good condition to be brought to each rehearsal and each concert.

  24. For participation in concerts, musicians are required to wear appropriate clothing that includes for women: black skirt or trousers, and black shoes; for men: a black dress, a dark solid colour shirt, and black shoes. The Association reserves the right to adopt an Orchestra identity accessory for all musicians.

  25. Rehearsals and concerts may be recorded in audio or video and/or photographed. The rights to any recordings and/or films made during rehearsals or concerts are reserved. Any use of this material by any means of dissemination will not entail the payment of any compensation and/or reimbursement to the musicians concerned and is understood to be tacitly authorised by applying for participation in the Orchestra. The rights to any performance, recording or television footage of the Orchestra shall be the exclusive property of the Association.

  26. The Association informs that the personal data provided will be processed by current industry regulations and in particular the requirements contained in EU Regulation 2016/679 “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR) applicable from 25.05.2018 and that the Data Controller is the President of the Association, M° Brenda Pretorius.

Annex 1 – Orchestra Passages for European Youth Orchestra Audition in Rome



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